Thursday, 2 March 2017

Do You Have A Need For Software And Do Not Know What To Do

Every organization wants to rely on software to improve production times, access information from anywhere on any device connected to the Internet, need to have detailed control of their current and potential customers, offer their products to promote them on the Internet in an innovative and Which impacts the consumer. With these concerns arises the need to buy a finished product and adapt the company to this product or start a process to develop custom software and adapt it to the company, the points that we have to analyze are the following:

Acquiring a Developed Product

The company must clearly identify the characteristics of the software and verify that it meets what it needs to optimize its processes.
Make sure that the manufacturer of the product is a reliable brand with a wide track record.
Verify which companies have used this product and investigate whether it has met the requirements established for that organization.
Review the support policies for the product already developed.
You must take into account that adapting the company to an already made software also requires times, training and there is a probability that there are functionalities that are not going to be used as they are not necessary.

Acquire Custom Software

The company must participate 100% in the acquisition of this product, we will explain why
First you must be very clear about the need and be sure that you need to take action and that a software tool would be the solution.
Acquire a serious commitment on the part of the organization in available staff that will support the initiative to create a custom application.
Hiring a company would be with a specialized career in making software to the measure, do not hire inexperienced personnel.
Performing a requirements engineering to analyze what the proposed software system will be, there must be a document explaining the whole process that will be carried out for the construction of the software.
Before implementing the development, it is important to establish a document of scope and delimitations of the application, approved both by the company that contracts the service and the company that develops it.
It is important that the contracting company is aware of how the process of their contracted product progresses, to cooperate with all the requests made by the software development company so that the product is delivered on the estimated dates or in an approximate way.
Note: The delivery of a customized software product is the responsibility of the company that contracts and the company that develops, here the software must be 100% functional, as it is adapted to the needs of the company.

Which one to choose

The company must analyze several aspects:
Costs: custom software is often more expensive than buying a developed product, but sometimes it is also expensive to adapt the company to an existing product because it is possible to change the execution of some processes internally.
The custom software takes 100% and reflects in a more detailed way a solution that optimizes process in the company.
A custom development is usually scalable, new features can be programmed at the moment the client requires it.
The willingness to implement new functionalities in an already developed software product depends a lot if the manufacturer is willing to do it and implement it for its new versions
In conclusion this is measured by the organization's ability to want to have the best product for its company, if it is willing to invest in custom software is because it has the budget and wants to 100% meet a need that meets expectations of the management and its personnel.

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