Thursday, 20 September 2012

Promoting Your Business with Very Low Budget

SMEs and independent entrepreneurs face every day to the lack of budget to invest in areas such as marketing. They live a day and most of the time the money is intended to reach the business operation, payment to suppliers, salaries, inventory, etc.

Those who are dedicated to marketing companies in this sector, we have our priorities clear customers, and even though we know that marketing is one of the best solutions that can propel any business to succeed, that we offer strategies should aim to fully optimize budgets, should be very targeted to very specific targets and well segmented, and should be short and medium term.

Well, after this brief reflection actually wants is to leave them a list of marketing ideas that can be used in very low budget, stressing that to generate more in your business is ESSENTIAL "invest" in marketing.

1. Make a list of all your potential customers, using the yellow pages or internet.

2. Ask all your contacts: clients, friends, relatives, former employers or colleagues, etc... The names of people and companies in which I can recommend, but direct them.

3. Prepare your own computer a PowerPoint presentation of your services or products, if you do not know how to ask for help from children, friends or neighbors.

4. Build strategic alliances with other brands to promote your services or products.

5. Seek partnerships between small businesses or between independent entrepreneurs who can complement the services and / or products and generate synergy between them.

6. Make exchanges with media so they can promote your services or products in exchange for them.

7. Tele - marketing. Call all your list of potential clients personally to offer your services or products.

8. Visit all your past or inactive customers to remind them to go on.

9. Perform leafleting campaigns creative and well targeted, not repartees flyers like crazy.

10. An every person you deliver Business Cards give her two and ask him regale one who created it may concern. This simple action to me has worked very well.

11. Never go anywhere without business cards, or when you go on vacation.

12. Let everyone know what you do: friends, family, neighbors, friends of your children, their parents, school, etc. All!

13. Free tests: If your product is not expensive, provides samples to your prospects.

14. Networking: Call your contacts and ask three people who may be interested in what you offer.

15. Papers in the street: Click an ad for your product or service. At the bottom, put your name and phone to bits that people can cut and take, and stick them in cafes, small shops and phone booths.

16. If you have a business in a place or in a shopping street advertising organizes all tenants in the nearby colonies.

17. Attend Fairs and Events in your line of business, once more for public relations.

18. Create email marketing campaigns with emails subscribed to your blog and send a newsletter, invitations, cards, offers, promotions, liquidations, etc...

19. Place posters or flyers in strategic locations, depending on your market.

20. Create Facebook account and create a Fan Page, invite your acquaintances and go creating a community where you can promote your services or products.

21. Opening an account in Twitter, invite your acquaintances and go looking for people who may be interested in your services and products.

22. Open an account on LinkedIn, search profiles that may be interested in your personal profile.

23. Open a YouTube channel, generating value through Video Marketing.

24. Create a Blog on is free and is one of the best web tools to generate and community reputation. This can be your website.

25. Subscription Give an incentive to give your blog to get emails: an eBooks, a catalog, a discount coupon, etc...

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